"Having no beginning and end in time; we exist and always will."
- GMS Reboot Guild
Contact a Leader or Jr. Master in-game if you have questions!

GP Guide

We encourage our guild members to do their daily contribution (dailies) as it helps us climb in ranks and displays activity. We currently are #1 on the Leaderboard (GP Rock) in Reboot. 

You are able to obtain 5,000 GP a day. There are many ways to do this, here are some examples:

  • Normal RA (minus Pierre) + Normal Magnus
  • Normal RA (minus Pierre) + Chaos Horntail
  • Normal RA (minus Pierre) + Hard Hilla
  • Chaos Horntail + Hard Hilla
  • Chaos  Horntail + Normal Magnus
  • Normal Magnus  + Hard Hilla

Make sure to always bring a fellow guildie (1+) with you since you get more GP going together! You can see the difference between solo'ing and going with a guildie in the "GP Guide".
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