"Having no beginning and end in time; we exist and always will."
- GMS Reboot Guild
Contact a Leader or Jr. Master in-game if you have questions!


Eternal is a guild of friendly Maplers who strive to be the best they can be with the help of each other. ​
  • We are one of the top guilds in the GMS Reboot server, and work hard to keep it that way.
  • We are looking for lvl 200+ (on-ranks) to help limit the amount of applications we receive.
  • We boss frequently and ask all our members to work hard to obtain their 5k GP per day.
  • We have an active discord where you can chat with other members outside of the game


  • No begging for boss carries (we have *GP requirements in place for this)
  • No KSing
  • Be respectful to other guildmates and alliance members
  • Offline mode is forbidden, if you are having problems please talk with a Leader or Jr.  Master
  • Hyper Teleport Rock option must be enabled
  • No key weights/AFK key weighting
  • No  previous history of hacking/getting carried by hackers
  • No purchased accounts (main, kanna/kishin mule, hs mules, etc.)

You Will Be Kicked/Expelled If You:
  • Hacking/Botting/Using Macros on ANY character
  • Leech from hackers
  • Buy/Sell boss carries
  • Receive three (3) strikes

*GP = Guild Contribution Points


  1. Punisher (Ryan)
    「Jr. Master」 Dark Knight
  2. Katniss (Jamie)
    「Jr. Master」 Bow Master
  3. Acelere (Joey)
    「Jr. Master」 Wind Archer
  4. Plop (Rhandy)
    「Jr. Master」 Phantom
  5. Becca (Becca)
    「Jr. Master」 Night Lord
  6. SoundsEdgy (Josh)
    「Jr. Master」 Cadena
  7. Capacchi (Claire)
    「Guild Master」 Demon Avenger
  8. KanNiels (Niels)
    「Jr. Master」 Kanna
  9. DoogleDK (Steph)
    「Jr. Master」 Dark Knight
  10. xDxPxDxP (Cy)
    「Jr. Master」 Phantom